The Weirdest Of The Beatles

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Hungry Weird Beatles

Everybody knows Sergeant Pepper and She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah.  The band is so mainstream that it got its own Rock Band game.  But The Beatles have an avant-garde side that still remains hidden to the casual fan, a good trick considering their ubiquity.  The vaults are piled high with bizarre recordings that are frankly better off left there.

In this episode, I introduce some of The Beatles’ strangest recordings – both as a band and as solo artists.  Some of these are pretty great, others are just about unlistenable.  As an impressionable youth, I took the time to listen to these – and now my suffering and fanaticism will be your quick & dirty guide to the Fab Four’s weird side.  Perhaps it was simply that no one could tell them No?

Included here: rare alternate takes from The Beatles in-studio, Paul’s techno and ambient recordings, John & Yoko’s feedback and screeching (apologies in advance), George’s electronica.  No Ringo, though.  He just wasn’t that weird.

Show starts about two minutes into the file.


The Beatles / Paul McCartney – Plastic Beetle
The Beatles – Only A Northern Song
The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing
The Beatles – The Inner Light
The Beach Boys – Vegetables
Paul McCartney talks about Carnival Of Light
The Beatles – Helter Skelter (Take 2)
The Beatles – What’s The New Mary Jane (Take 5)
The Residents – Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life

George Harrison – Party Seacombe
George Harrison – He’s So Fine
The Crystals – My Sweet Lord
George Harrison – The Pirate Song
John Lennon & Yoko Ono – “Life With The Lions” concentrate
John Lennon & Yoko Ono – “Wedding Album” excerpt
Yoko Ono – Why
Paul & Linda McCartney – Too Many People
Percy “Thrills” Thrillington – Too Many People
The Fireman – Transpiritual Stomp
The Fireman – Palo Verde
Twin Freaks – What’s That You’re Doing
Twin Freaks – Long Haired Lady (Reprise)

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